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Originally Posted by freddythefrog View Post
Hello Alan and Peter
The name of the lecturer was Johnny Joynson and the lab techniction
was DAVE something used to wear glasses.
A other guy who was a lecturer and left during our course
was Gerry Sharp who sent brilliant morse and was on queens ships with IMR. He left to be a milkman because it payed more money than lecturing at that time .What a waste of great talent that was.
Cheers 73.s de ftf
Thanks ftf for that info. I think the Technician was also involved in the tv servicing courses that took place in F block.
The story we heard about Johnny Joynson was that he damaged his leg in an on board accident.
When you look at the entire list of staff, it goes to show how many of us there were back then trying to get to sea. I think in my year we started with three groups and there were two groups ahead of us plus of course a fairly big bunch converting to 1st Class and on top of that the radar group was also fairly sizable. Considering there were probably only 3000 active R/Os at any one time, there must have been a big turn over to keep all the radio colleges going.

Best Wishes

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