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Originally Posted by tsell View Post
You bin lookin in me kitchen winder then?? That's what I cooked for dinner tonight, Don! Yer cud stand yer fork up in the gravy, mate!

Try this with the liver: I cut the lambs fry off on the slant, so thinly, it's almost not there, then dip each piece in flour seasoned with lots of fresh-ground black pepper, and a sprinkle of cumin powder - no salt - then heat in a wide fry-pan, some salted butter with a splash of olive oil so it doesn't burn.
Place four or five slices in the hot, but not burning, butter and after about three (3) seconds, turn with tongs, remove after another 3 seconds and keep just warn, not hot or it'll dry out - the blood should still be running out. Continue with the rest of the liver. (At this juncture, it is permissible to eat a few pieces - try it with bacon for breakfast!)

Proceed with the rest of the dish as usual - lots of near-burnt onions(caramelised, if you're posh), then one oxo cube in a dollop of good red, some home-made chicken stock and when everything is ready, if there is any liver left after sampling, pile it in, gently stirring - that's a job the missus can do while you relax after your grand effort, with a stiff one. Don't let her sample it though, or she'll polish it off when you're not looking. Don't overcook it!! I also use fresh hot chili and shaved ginger, but that's not to everyone's taste.

I mash 50/50 pumpkin and spuds with butter, cream, garlic and black pepper, to soak up the gravy. Great for the heart.

Bon appetit...!!

Sounds great, will give it a go after the weekend when Iím off roster. Roll on. Cheers mate.
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