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I'm a newbie here, but I was very interested in your account of Halcyon The Great's escape from Canada. I saw the vessel at anchor in Come By Chance in 1974. I was on a VLCC called Carnegie, operated by Gatx-Oswego (UK) Ltd.

I sailed with Brian Greenwood in 1979 on a product tanker called Broland. It was owned by Brostroms of Sweden but managed by Denholm Hong Kong. He had a heart attack while we were anchored off Maracaibo awaiting orders. The Venezuelans were very good and got him into hospital quickly. He recovered and in 1980 I had a drink with him at a pub in Shaw, near Oldham. I lost touch with him after that.

Ironically, after Brian had been carted off to hospital we got orders to sail to St. John, New Brunswick!
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