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Originally Posted by derekhore View Post
There must be plenty of ex-Rockies on here, certainly some threads following on in the picture gallery would indicate that, so, in the words of a Norwich City Chairwoman.."Let's be 'avin you!"

Me - mate & 2nd mate - March 1980/July 1987......Rudderman (x3), Helmsman, Tillerman (my regular vessel x17), Orionman, Leadsman (x3), River Shannon (x4), Oilman (x3), Pointsman, Oarsman, Eastgate, Quarterman, Echoman (x4), Polarisman, Stellaman.
Neil 1 Started as a AB ended up as mate served on Orionman eastgate, westgate, Northgate Irishgate, Rudderman, Tillerman, Steersman,Guidesman,Cableman, Polarisman Anchorman, Tankerman,Chartsman, finishing off on the Westgate in 99.
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