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Hi B Wales!

Hope you enjoyed your short trips with Cowes Express. I cant believe it was nearly 20 years ago now- how time flies!

You were right about the craft, we actually had 3 ;

Sant' Agata later renamed Wight King- She was a Norwegian built Cirrus 120P Surface Effect Ship 330 pax and nearly 50 knots

Wight Queen Also a Cirrus 120P achieved 55 knots on sea trials and for a while was reputed to be the worlds fastest merchant ship

Wight Prince A Dutch built Seaswift 23 surface effect ship 99 pax and 36 knots

You have stirred up the grey matter, I think I need to dig up some old photos and start a new thread related to Cowes Express, There must be plenty of people who remember the service and maybe a few ex staff here on SN.

Best wishes

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