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Originally Posted by Phill View Post
Hi Mad &Andy
This normally happens when using full zoom on a basic Canon 75-300mm 1:4-5.6 lens, Of note I normally use auto when using the zoom lens, I also use raw and j-peg together, would this add to the problem, and best just to use Raw.
Have attached a snap of one of our job choppers, with a cropped section, showing the problem.
I have just put a Canon 75-300 mm Mk1 on my EOS 50D and took a photo out of the window.
I then mounted a Canon 18-135mm EFS IS and took the same shot.
Using RAW images I then cropped to the same part of the image, at the point of focus.

The then identical image from the newer digital dedicated lens is much better with less chromatic aberration even though the focal length is shorter.

So the answer, as Andy says, is in the lens.

Thanks to your question I now know that I might have a problem if I use the old lens on a digital camera - I last use that lens when I had an EOS 5D, which has a full frame sensor.
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