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Perhaps the names of some of the ships (and their Masters) will bring back some memories.
The sand dredgers 'Bowcross' and 'Harry Brown'. One or other of them would be discharging at Dunball every spring tide. Sometimes the 'Peterston'

Bowker and Kings tankers discharging at Walpole Wharf. The 'Bude' 'Budleigh' 'Bisley' 'Borman' 'Bristolian' 'Berkley'

Crescent Shipping. The 'Ambience' (Captain Richard Beet) was a regular with alifoss from Belgium, then ballasting round to Cornwall for clay. Also the 'Ordinence' and Westerence'

Arklow Shipping. the 'Arklow View' and the 'Arklow Castle'. Captain Jimmy Campbell.

The German skipper owned 'Alma Koppelman' which brought timber from the Baltic in spring and summer for a local timber merchant. I understand this traffic now goes up as far as Avonmouth in larger ships and then back down the M5 by road transport! More progress.

Hall and Co's 'Daunt Rock' (Captain Cameron Gannie) with coal from Antwerp was a frequent visitor, also another 'Rock' boat sometimes called.

The skipper owned 'Hoop' ex Hoopride'

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