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Composed today on a dull afternoon, here is a reminder-note of some of the thoughts which entered my head when signalling by Morse-lamp fifty years and more ago.

Dit-dah. Dit-dah. I call to ask you who you are?
Dah-dit-dit-dit Begins English Lit
Dah-dit-dah-dit - I see, I see.
Dah-dit-dit - Do you? That’s good.
Dit. Eee-bah-gum – You’ve got it, Chum!
Dit-dit-dah-dit begins the F-word
Dah-dah- dit – Gosh!
Dit-dit-dit-dit - Hello, Hello!
Dit-dit – Aye, Aye!
Dit-dah-dah-dah – Jump for Joy!
Dah-dit-dah – Kick, my boy!
Dit-dah-dit-dit – Oh, ‘Ell!
Dah-dah – Mother!
Dah-dit – Numpty!
Dah-Dah-Dah –Oh!
Dit-dah-dah-dit – The cat has peed on the matches!
Dah-dah-dit-dah – Here comes the Bride!
Dit-dah-dit – Roger, roger!
Dit-dit-dit – Sugar!
Dah – Tango!
Dit-dit-dah – Upset, a bit.
Dit-dit-dit-dah – Victory!
Dit-dah-dah – Wictory !
Dah-dit -dah-dah –You !
Dah-dit-dit-Dah – Express and Echo!
Dah-dah-dit-dit – That’s Enough!
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