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Wm. Cory and brothers: iron ore ships - Murmansk run

Originally Posted by WilliamH View Post
I worked for William Cory & Co for 3years 1962 to 1965 at that time they had a fleet of ships made up of 4 deep sea iron ore carriers, 2 deep sea oil tankers, 6 coastal chemical carriers and numerous colliers.
Hi William,
My dad was Bill Pascoe, relieving master of the four iron ore ships and sometimes also on the two tankers. He was also master of a small butane gas tanker that caught fire off the coast of Chile mid sixties sometime.

Did you know him?

I have another question that I was looking for a place to post, and will ask you here, if you don't mind: What were conditions like when the ships docked in Murmansk in that period?

I'm writing a book of fiction (for children) and would like to know details.

Dad said, I think, that there was an armed guard at the foot or top of the gangway. A junior officer at that time I know disagreed. Dad also talked about clubs the men could go to - nice clubs with nice girls for socializing (and maybe propagandizing?) and not sex! He said men under 21 were not allowed to leave the ships. And he brought home a few odd things from the store that only foreigners could go to. A seven string guitar. A pair of skis!! I had them for a long time. He may not have bought these himself - he rarely did bring anything home. He did bring home stories though - wish I could remember them all!
Jackie Pascoe
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