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Goodday any BI out there,

Long long ago thread. My first ship as deck app.. What a beautiful fine handsome ship. I. Joined 1958. 55 years as a seafarer since then and never lost my admiration for her. Great race through the Med in bad weather with the Clan Malcolm.
Master Capt.Robson,C/O Pat Bidmead (closest to Sir Francis Drake I ever met),2/0 Bill Bolitho (Tough Aussie) 3/0 Dave Nurse.Deck Appies Ken Smith,Bob Palmer and Me. Great bunch of people. Engineers of course just as well but sorry cant remember names.
I see that in Fred Perry's BI bible The Nyanza had the highest speed on trials over the measured mile of any other BI ship. Never mind those so called clippers the "W"s !!
Salaams Keith Marks. South Africa
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