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Hi Peter.

My names John.

I remember better now. like you I can often visualise but not quite put a name.
Yes I ended up in Vancouver. I married the Girl and left Souters and the sea about two years later.
Still married with grown up kids now. Working on the Local ferry. A lunch bucket sailor. I go home at night.

I can picture the Capt who relieved Dave. Ex P&O and rather stuck up . He was nice enough but he stuck out like a sore thumb amongst the Geordie's.
He had been with Souter's for years though and was well known.
I remember him trying to teach us all how to play bridge instead of crib.
He was getting really frustrated saying he was particularly good at bridge and couldn't understand why he lost all the time.
(When he was not looking we swapped our cards to make sure he lost)

It was a great bunch of guys.
did Joe join as a junior and then relieve you later.
I Remember Cliff Grey well. Steve the R/O was a nice guy I couldn't remember his name.
I can't picture Ray the Mate.

I enjoyed my time with Souters I was there for about 6 years.
For a while after I would get mistaken for a Geordie. I must have picked up a few words here and there. I never minded they were good to work with.

Hope life's been good to you as well.
I enjoyed my time with Souters.
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