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British Liberty - Immingham Drydock 1974

I was 2/E on the Liberty in 1974. In the August we went into Immingham Dry Docks, when the slow steaming etc was starting to bite. Therefore, BP banned all overtime for the dock workers, much to their anger. They immediately started a work to rule and a go slow and tensions were rising. BP retracted the overtime ban and soon it was time to leave the dry dock and go alongside the repair berth. For some reason, the forward mooring ropes were not attached correctly and when they opened the dry dock gates the ship popped out like a cork out of a bottle. It went straight across the dock basin and slammed into the side of a small coaster moored there. I can still see a steward on the coaster carrying a tray of tea to the bridge and looking at the Liberty shooting across the dock basin. He tossed the tea tray and ran for his life, I think he made it. The coaster suffered damage to the hull, deck and deck railings. The Liberty suffered damage to the rudder stock. 14 degrees out of line, if I remember correctly. The rudder, stock etc was unshipped and transported to Sunderland Forge for repair. This took about 2 weeks, then it was back into the dry dock to refit the whole assembly. I have often wondered if this incident would have happened if the overtime ban had not been put in place. Does anybody else remember this incident.
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