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I think the latest enquiry decided that the fo'castle had flooded due to an insecure manhatch, this put the ship down by the head and then the no1 hatch collapsed under heavy seas, then the ship was quickly swamped and wnet straignt under. I remember that some of the 'deductions' might have been flawed though. They found the manhatch on the sea floor and because the dogs were no bent decided they must not have been tightened?! also they found the no1 hatch cover folded like a piece of paper and decided it must have neen folded on the surface by waves. But if the hatch lid came loose as the vessel sank (very deep) couldn't the cover have folded ont he way down. I may be wrong but i don't think they found evidence of the ship cracking on the surface.
Unlike the MSC Napoli at the momemnt!
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