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Originally Posted by Rennie Cameron View Post
Just to fill in the space, there was also the sister the Topaz. She also went to India. The Deepwater 1 and 2 were upgraded sisters and the Energy Searcher the best of the bunch. DW's became the Rockwaters and the E/S went to the Swedish Navy. All were the designs of Midland and Scottish. The helidecks were raised on the ships after the Shearwater vessels were buit. This was a retrofit on the DW 1 as she was standing still on her first trip to the Brae Field! Cranes have changed, bits have been stuck in but look the same! Hope that fills in a few bits. Geoff Guest former MD of Shearwater in still going at about 80!
Are you sure it was the Energy Searcher that went to the Swedish Navy or the Energy Supporter? I was on the Supporter in Brazil (I was employed by Denholms) she was owned by the Italian company SANA and registered in Roma, crewed by mainly Italians with French divers from Comex. If it is the same ship she was the same design as the Rockwater boats but I believe about eight metres longer, built by De Hoop of Holland. A very fine dive support vessel indeed, I heard she was later sold to the Swedish Navy as some sort of submarine tender.
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