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Hello Everyone

A lot of names familiar to me on this thread.
I sailed with Brian Grey as a cadet on the Petrogas 1, along with Alan Clish, Richard Pursar, Stan Wiems, Eddie Davidson, Gary Rodaway, Brain Kinson ,Phil Curren was the Deck Cadet, great Lad. I can see the faces of the others but struggle with names off the top of my head. The trip on there was based in Kosichang Thailand, hard work but Party City, I wondered why everyone didn't want to go to sea! When I paid off I owed Souters money!but then I joined the Equinox in Redcar for my next trip and did 6 months and understood why!
I was last man standing from the old Souter lot with OSG, paid off the Overseas Everest March 2014 at Long Beach then being made redundant," farmer boy" Roy Elliot was Old Man but he paid off the week before me, we were being run from Athens then as the Newcastle office had closed.
I had some great times with Souters, and sailed with a load of great guys, or "Board of Trade Acquaintances" as Kid Currie used to say!

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