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PrinceHello Greg. Just stumbled on this site by chance. I remember you well. Those were really the best years at sea. I was on Pacific Northwest from August 1964 then Pinemore then Tudor Prince with you from May 65 to April 66 then Mystic, Salinas,English Prince,Ocean Monarch. After apprenticeship 1968 went back on Pacific Stronghold,Stuart Prince,Newfoundland,Picardy,Tudor Prince again and Pacific Reliance. Left Furness Prince Lines in 1971.
I guess you are retired now. Did you stay at sea? where are you living ?
I had a spell ashore but came back to sea and am retired living in Bangor N.Ireland. Remember Capt.Kent DSC. Capt.Brian Ditchburn,Chris Robbens I think was 2/0 Brett Bachelor. Those pints of tea and toast on the after mooring bitts at 0630 watching the tropical sunrise were the best ever. Nostalgia at its best!
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