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2000-July 14
Capesize TREASURE (Panama, 76705grt, built 1983, Class BV), suffers structural damage about 1000 miles West of Port Noloth. With the hold 4 flooding the air pressure lifted the hatch covers but the ship kept proceeding at 9 knots to seek refuge in Cape Town. Later she was denied refuge, told to proceed 50 miles back at sea but sank while 6 miles offshore with her 1300 tons bunkers causing a disastrous pollution killing thousands of penguins on Robben island. She had then a 160 square meter hole in the shell plate. The ship is owned by Good Faith Shipping, owner of several lost bulkers: the CORAZON, the NAGOS.

Although nobody died as a result of the TREASURE sinking, the incident got a main coverage in the world-wide media due to oil pollution and the subsequent death of seabirds. This says a lot about the value of a seafarer's life!
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