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Originally Posted by graymay View Post
Hello all
I have tried in the past but with no response, so i'll give it another shot.
Are there any old OCL men (or ladies) on the site? I sailed with them from about 80 to 84 / 85, mainly on the Kiwi coast (apart from a few on the Far East runs)
I was on the Mairangi 3 times i think, also had a memorable trip on the Moreton, on which we had about 7 weeks in Sydney ( i managed a night in the cells on the Rocks)
My happiest times were mooring alongside in Kiwi and the various 'expectations' i had (bearing in mind i was only 16) I can still remember the girls names even though it was a few years ago now.
Other memories were the mission in Wellington (Noel the minister) and the Bosun trying to get the crew out of Chicks bar in Port Chalmers as we were to sail (on that particular occasion, i think the bosun gave up!)
Can anyone remember the time we shipped 36 polo ponies home from Kiwi, i can still remember the stink as we crossed the line?
I would be glad to hear from anyone that i sailed with (apart from Captain Short, who left me in Fremantle once)
I am now involved in the oil industry as a drilling supervisor, i made it to OIM then started myself as a consultant. I suppose things have turned out OK, considering i went to Gravesend and diddnt even make 'Lead hand'
All the best to you all.

You mentioned the the Coastal Ladies some names that spring to mind are Midnight Maggie.. Egg on Legs ....The Oily Water Seperator ... Two Way Mavis ... and Shirley (who married Charlie Culver P.O.E) We all got a half day to go to the wedding

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