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Originally Posted by graymay View Post

I,m certain i sailed with you as the name rings a bell, were you on the Rem when the customs strip searched some of the boys in Wellington? The bosun was that old *@st*** Jack Barnes.
I was also on the Mairangi on voyage 11 and 13 about 80-81, the skipper was Captain Bland.
I remember Eggs very well (no, not like that) but i do remember her 'surprising' a deck boy in the lift on the Mairangi, he was never the same after that (probably gay now) Do you remember the Dawson sisters?


PS....Still have my Chcks bar T shirt somewhere!
Hi Graham
I did sail on the Rem with Jack Barnes, a Poe that trip was Lee Barber and the leading stewart was Billy Brothson ,,, If it was the same trip, I was supposed to go to Betty`s daughters babies christining... But got lost in some bar in Melbourne... Cheers Dave
PS Got a pic of Jack and some of the crowd around the bar on the Rem...will sort it out
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