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Thank you, Taff!

As to why the tow made for Falmouth rather than Cork, the weather was plainly an important factor to be considered, in any event.

In westerly gales, veering north-westerly, as such things habitually do, it would be natural to choose Falmouth if at all feasible, in order to run before the weather rather than risk trying to punch into it all the way to Cork, with a far greater risk of parting the tow-line, whatever might have been the distance involved.

After that incident I grew up with the subconscious feeling that it would have been an act of cowardice on my part not to seek to make a career at sea. And so I did. It had at least as much influence on my thinking as anything my Dad said or did.

Carlsen was, in short, a man who did the right thing. And so was Dancy.

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