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I wonder if I may just give you a passage from Frank Delaney's book - Simple Courage: A True Story of Peril on the Sea.

Other valuable cargo had already come aboard—consignments that have contributed substantially to the half century of questions hanging over Flying Enterprise. They included registered and unregistered packets containing international currencies, unspecified amounts in liquid stock certificates, and more than a thousand watches. These valuables arrived from Switzerland and Belgium, addressed for New York, and when the nature of this freight was later identified, conspiracy theorists seized upon this detail (among others) as a possible explanation of Kurt Carlsen’s “inexplicable” behavior.
Delaney mentions the arguments that went ahead between the Carlson and the Boatswain Arthur Janssen, as to the unusual way the cargo had been loaded. In the final stowage plan of Flying Enterprise, she can be perceived densest with heavy cargo, the Pig Iron, at the upper two levels, the “tween decks,” of Holds 2 and 4. Both holds also had open space, fore and aft, on their lower levels. There was room for loosely stowed cargo to move about.

Carlson overruled the Boatswain's protest, he had received orders from the ship owners Isbrandtsen Lines.

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