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Originally Posted by roscoe_the_1st View Post

You are in a Force 11 Westerly to N westerly - You have two cracks from deck level to below the waterline. Would you first elect to patch up the cracks with concrete and not raise the alarm then when that didn't work elect to go to Falmouth around Bishops Rock rather than an Irish port?

The 'map' given for this is quite out. Yes, the ship was 450 miles from Land's End... WEST from Land's End when she overwhelmed on the 26th. Yes, it was some less distance to Cork. HOWEVER, the ship drifted in a SE'ly direction for another EIGHT days before she was under tow with TURMOIL. At that point she was 288 miles SOUTH WEST from Falmouth. Their choice was Falmouth or even a French port. There was not even a chance of towing toward Ireland. It was too far. One report says the ship foundered some 40 miles from Plymouth. Plymouth? That was 43 miles from Falmouth. Another the hours or so and she would have been at anchor in Famouth Roads.

One reporter said it was not normal to go taking naval vessels to sea to save commercially vessel. What? They don't usually take commercial tows unless there is no chance of finding a tug. In the case with FE it was a rescue mission. That was achieved. The passengers and crew were saved. Quite normal that the master would make any attempt to try to keep the vessel. He was quite right too. The ship stayed afloat for almost two weeks. Not bad for a ship that was in a chance of splitting in two! Anyhow, Karlsen elected to remain with the vessel. No vessel would abandon the ship in that condition. The US Navy happened to be on the spot and they did their normal job. Chance loosing an American ship with an American skipper? The US Navy had no choice in this. Karlsen tried to make the connection with the tug. Dancy was sent over to help.

Best I can suggest is to read the formal investigation done by the US Coast Guard. See here:

Especially read the stow plan. All normal that any ship would have done it.

Re: The cracks in the hull would have not helped the slightest of using concrete 'patches'.

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