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OK then Falmouth was the best option

Apparantly she lies 31Nm south of the Lizard.

Gallant effort by all but I still think an Irish port was the best option..

Still playing the Devil's advocate here.

Now perhaps someone could address this.

Now the cover story is that she was carrying Zirconium which was to be used in the world's first Nuclear Submarine USS Nautilus.

But even this story does not stack up to close scrutiny. The main sources of Zirconium in order of quantity are Australia, Brazil, India, Ukraine, South Africa and the United States. Notice that Germany is not an exporter of Zirconium whereas the USA has its own supply. Plus I've never marked wartorn Germany as being an exporter (486 long tons apparently) of Coffee to the US.
Why was she carrying Zirconium from a country that has none to a country that has tons of it?

In the interview, Carlsen tells him that yes the ship had a zirconium cargo and that it came from the German nuclear energy project. While there seems to be no reason to doubt the first statement, the origin of the zirconium is questionable as the German nuclear energy program was not very advanced. It has been speculated that the zirconium instead came from Philips in Eindhoven, the company that had the first patent on a process to obtain high purity zirconium, and that the buyer was one of the companies intending to bid for a contract with the US Atomic Energy Commission
In case it goes unnoticed Eindhoven is in Holland. FE had been to Rotterdam prior to sailing to Hamburg.

486 long tons of German (Dutch) coffee?

In 1960, some $210,000 of the $800,000-worth of cargo was salvaged from Flying Enterprise by the Italian company Sorima. Under a confidentiality clause in the salvage contract, further details of the recovered cargo were not released
The cargo lists some Louis XIV furniture and "some old masters" -

and some rare Belgian porcelain, were being shipped, port by port, to New York antiques dealers on Third Avenue and East Forty-seventh Street. Not detailed item by item, they came aboard under catchall terms such as “general” or “special” cargo.
Nazi Loot perhaps? Shortly to become US loot.

But then they could have belonged to the passengers. Former Nazis.

And according to the Diving team that dived onto the wreck in 2001-2002 the crew of the Turmoil were visited by the FBI.

Given the condition of the ship it is perhaps a good idea to take her into the shallow English Channel and let her sink where the cargo can be recovered.

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