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Hi Mate

I,m certain that you have been told this a million times before, but your dad was a true Gentleman, he was a real role model to a lot of us younger guys while deep sea.
I sailed with Wally on the Mairangi for the first time around August 1980, then numerous times after that, my final voyage with him being the Liverpool Bay when he was bosun and I was POE (I was only 21 and he kept me right so often) I met your Mam on a couple of occasions too (it was Mary wasn't it?) Please send her my regards ( I was wee Jock the deck boy then)
I remember him in the crew bar singing " I dont know why I love you but I do" He was 'dueting' with old Charlie Mckenzie, it really was a sight to be seen, they were two stars.
My other lasting memory of your Dad was one of his many diets and also his attempts at giving up the roll ups, he didn't ever manage either for very long !
I will always remember Wally and the laughs we used to have, he bridged the generation gap like no one ive ever come across before, he would be having a beer with the deck boys and discussing the latest 'sounds' or he would be singing some Jim Reeves, a real Toff.

All the very best Mate

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