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Great Lakes - Duluth MN- SS William A. Irvin move out of Minnesota Slip

After being laid up for eight years, in 1986 the City of Duluth bought the Irvin for $110,000 dollars.


Irvin's inch-by-inch voyage -- Ship moves across harbor for first time in 30 years


It took 4 hours starting at 2230 it was 0230 before the Irvin was out of the slip and taken in tow by tugs. Two video clips, one 50 seconds, the second 1 minute 53 seconds, and one still picture:


They used a series of crawler excavators on the shore port side, and on a series of flat-top barges to move the vessel stern first out of the slip. They hung huge tractor tires from chains on the bottom of the excavator buckets. They pressed the tires against the side of the hull then swerved the buckets to move the vessel. Once out of the slip two Heritage Tugs, one on the bow, the other the stern took over the tow.

Two timelapse videos first clip 35 seconds filmed by Denny O'Hara from the shore east of the slip showing the Irvin's starboard side during her four-hour move out of the slip.

Second timelapse clip 6 minutes 15 seconds using DHC Pier B, GLA and Harbor Cams.


Heritage Tug Fleet photographed by Denny O'Hara of DHC fame, in 2015 with one of his drones, "Buzz".

Out in the harbor the tugs turned the vessel around and towed it bow first to Frazer's shipyard in Superior, WI. The Irvin will be dry-docked for the first time in nearly 40 years. There is some bottom damage and wastage that needs to be replaced, the underwater portion of the hull will be painted then re-floated. Spring 2019 the entire vessel above the waterline will be repainted before being moved back to Minnesota Slip.

The main reason for the move is that Minnesota Slip needs to have work done to mitigate decades if not a century or more of metals and chemicals falling into the slip.

Instead of excavating then disposing of the contaminated sediment the slip will be capped with a clay material with rocks piled on top to hold it in place.


Duluth Harbor GLA - Great Lakes Aquarium - Cam



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