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Duluth Harbor Cams dot com


This camera is on the roof of the GLA - Great Lakes Aquarium.


This camera, right, on an existing light post at the Wisconsin Point ship entry to the Allouez taconite loading dock is the new design that Denny is now using. The previous design like at GLA above is plagued with spiders that spin webs over the camera lens. This new camera design eliminates this problem, and, these new camera's all scan. Denny typically sets these cameras to scan to the left then to the right of where they are usually pointed twice an hour every thirty minutes.

The dish mounted on the left side of the light pole sends the Wi-Fi signal to Duluth Harbor Hub, located way up on the hill above downtown Duluth and the harbor. When ships transit the WI canal the ships get in the way of the Wi-Fi signal when the vessel is passing in front of the dish since the ships are taller than the dish and block the signal. You can see the bow of ships coming out but then the signal is lost until the ship unblocks the Wi-Fi signal. Then one sees the stern of the vessel departing. The reverse is the case for ships entering.

20180426-IMG_3873-E-Denny's office.jpg

Pictured the Wi-Fi receiving dish on Duluth Harbor Hub receives the WI point cam signal. The three camera's pictured are the Bayfront, Hillside and Harbor cams.


When the previous Hillside cam failed Denny replaced it with the new scanning version same as the WI point cam. Normally pointed at the Pier B Resort complex every thirty minutes it scans to the left to show the western downtown Duluth Buildings including the DECC - Duluth Entertainment Conference Center complex. Then it reverses and scans to the right past Pier B Resort over to Rice's Point / Garfield Avenue grain elevators before scanning back left and stopping at Pier B Resort.


Installed on the roof of the Maritime Museum at the Duluth Ship Entry canal the camera on the right pointed west is the (Aerial) Bridge cam while the other camera pointed east is the Canal Cam. July 2018 Denny added the automated weather station atop the cameras mounting pole.

Tomorrow's post I will include screen captures from Denny's AIS and the weather output from the canal weather station both located at the bottom of the index page. Also the link list of all ten cam's located at the top of the index page.

The AIS shows all AIS equipped vessels in and around Duluth, all commercial vessels are required to use AIS, recreational craft it is optional but some do have AIS - Automatic (Ships) Identification System.

The weather station displays the Canal temperature in degrees F. Humidity, Dew Point, Rainfall in inches, Barometric Air Pressure in inches of mercury, wind direction and wind speed in mph - miles per hour.

I will also post a picture Denny put up of his three drones: Skeeter,
Batman and Buzz.


20180316-New-GLA-Cam-E.jpg (127.4 KB)
20180426-IMG_3873-E-Denny's office.jpg (95.9 KB)
20180426-IMG_3880-E.jpg (85.6 KB)
20180615-New-Hillside-Cam-IMG-4051.jpg (64.3 KB)
20180722-northernimages-bospano-01702.jpg (73.9 KB)

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