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Wilkinson’s swords

Unfortunately, after spending quite a bit on her and tidying her up, MEDS went the way of most dive companies, with the sad knock on of the fondly remembered ‘Aqua=latrine’ going for razor blades. (She had been renamed ‘Altus Exertus’)

They also had the old Harrier (interesting boat), renamed Altus Optimus. No idea what is happening to her.

The recent run on new tonnage is quite sad for some old ladies...since the beginning of the downturn, I can think of the Orelia, Bar Protector, Discovery, Osprey, Rocky 2 (I think the Rocky 1 is dead but still floating in leith) to go with all the ones like the Rocky 1, dead but floating such as the old Stephaniturm, Alliance, uncle John (and the semis) witch queen, ragno due, toisa puma...

New boats are usually safer, more comfortable, better systems etc. But you can’t help but bet nostalgic for these old many trials and tribulations overcome over the years, only to have your guts ripped out your side by an Indian with a gas axe...
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