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Originally Posted by Len Lawrence View Post
Hi Len,

My father joined LNSW 12.01.48 aged 14.
Are there any photo's available of the boys?
I have often wandered if anyone has photo's from that time period.

Kind regards
David Lawrence
Hi David

I joined in 48 and I have posted a few photos on varios sites online like Facebook pages for Woolverstone and LNS. Also they are on SN threads for the sea schools. Don't recall the name Lawrence, but do you have any details like the Dorm he was in? It would have been 11 probably, as we were alphabetically housed, and I was in 12 with a few L's,M's,and R's. but not a Lawrence. We had Loveday and Lightbody. Another friend called Lindley was in 11 Dorm, and he followed me into the Bank Line, last heard of as 3rd Mate of the " Luxmi", a veteran of the line.


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