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Hats off to all cooks who work in bad weather! Slightly off topic but we were on passage in the Indian Ocean and rolling like hell! Our table in the saloon was athwartships butted up to the galley bulhead. Three cadets, the 3/O ans Sparlie occupied the table. Fiddly had been raised, baize watered down etc. Soup passed without event then the roast beef arrived along with the spuds, veg and gravy. We were all getting tucked in when she took an almighty roll and everyone grabbed their plates, bad move, all the grub shot onto the table in one large mess! You never saw forks dive in like it to try and salavage our dinner as the ship I was on had a notorious nutter of a catain who was a bad feeder and we all knew what was on the table was all there was going to be until breakfast!
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