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Hi Harry,
I started at the Watt Memorial in Greenock in September 56 at 15.
Sat my 2nd class part one in December 57, right before Christmas. Came back after holidays and the results were in and I had passed. Unfortunately, the examiner was also waiting g for us for part two. No swotting up regs and brushing up morse, we almost al, failed. A radar class was starting, however, due to the Easter break being early, the normal 3 month course was cut to two months. Lots of lage nights. However I passed and had a couple of weeks respite before re-sitting part two of the PMB successfully this time. So I joined Marcomi the same day I got my results and ticket. Joined Falaise a month before my 17th birthday.
After travelling down from Glasgow overnight sitting up in BR's old carriages, then travelling across London and down to Southampton, we sailed that evening on the usual q4 hour trip. The chief, a great old guy, took the watch till 0100. He sat in with me for half an hour or so, then told me it was all mine. No mucking about. I was straight into watch keeping. Wish it was starting over. Don't we all?
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