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When you drive down Milli Road and see the metal fence posts with caps on the top, there is a myth that for each cap, an Italian POW died whilst laying the concrete for the road.

Truth is that the caps are there to hold the rain out of the hollow metal posts...hence why so many posts are gone due to rust cos people keep nicking the caps cos they believe the myth.

The road was laid in Palmerston's time as a link for the follies, but during the war, especially WWII, it was an important link tween the radar bases on the island so Italian officer POW's were used as labour to keep the road maintained and if you drive along it now it's tarmac, but underneath it is concrete panelled, its the concrete that the POW's laid on top of the original track from Palmerston's day.

The bomb crater along the Milli, tween the road and the cliff near Chale is from a German bomber that got lost trying to find Soton, he dumped his load before going home.
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