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Originally Posted by sfmillsy

I was at South Shields Marine and Tech with a couple of blokes from Stag line, one I think by the name of Pete Cowley.This was in the 1970's

We all had long hair in those days.

I remember watching the Zinnia come into the Tyne and all the girls in the offices waving things at the ship...might even have been 'under garments'.

Was it true that when they came into the Tyne they painted the Starb'd side of the ship only as this was the only side that could bee seen from the Stag Line offices?

Good memories.

All the best
Steve Mills........I worked for Common Brothers by the way.
It would of been Peter Cowling as we were both in Stag Line at the same time. There were several Common Bros cadets with us. Its only a myth the story as they would of had to paint the port side for departing or sail at night
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