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Between April '65 and February '66 I did 3 trips on Alaunia and 1 on Andania as relief R/O (relieving Brian Farren and Frank Dunn who were the regular R/Os) with a 5 month trip on Mahseer in between. Masters were "Dai" Davies and "Captain" Bradley. I don't remember too many of the other officers' names - Jim Colquhoun (Ch.Off), Barry Gold (2/O).

Too right about water being in short supply. Bl$$dy cold in the winter, especially having to go up to the radar scanner pedestal on the front of the funnel to fix a fault. Grub wasn't as good as Brocklebank. Ventilation was a real problem at times in a following wind as funnel gasses got sucked into the air intakes on the rear edge of the funnel. Funny watching the stewards going ashore in New York in drag.

Happy days.
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