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gwzm, it seems quite likely I may have taken over from you even if we did not actually meet. I joined Alaunia in March 1966 and left in July 1966 and then got shanghaied to do a Christmas trip in 1967 when Arthur Orum called me in the morning, I joined in the afternoon and we sailed on the evening tide.

I agree with your comments. The food was not as good as Brock's but I much preferrred Alaunia to Samaria which I did a couple of trips on. Was the R/O's steward called Rosie when you were there? Rosie was ex Queen Mary and distinctly unhappy to be slumming it with the likes of me pounding across the pond on a 7,000 tonner. Rosie dragged me out of my bunk one night and took me down to a stewards party with resident New Yorker's of the same ilk - one of the most frightening nights of my life! I had forgotten about the funnel fumes but you are spot on, quite often unhealthily fumed up in the R/O's cabin. I think the 2/O you refer to is Barry Goldborough or perhaps Goldsborough who came from London. The 3/O was called Colin and came from Hull when I was on there. The C/O was a really nice bloke but I can't remember his name, I'm afraid I don't remember anyone else. I know I have got a couple of photos of Alaunia somewhere and will dig them out soon.
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