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Originally Posted by morserules.ok View Post
Hi Guys, Specially Paul,
I sailed on the Bideford in 1972 as R/O, then after I got married (Joan) and myself joined Oct 72 thru to Feb 73.
I had previously sailed on Bideford 1971/72 saving cash to get married. Sailed with an equally nuts Leckie Paul Cooper. Remember delivering the Bonsai trees at Finart? Paul, you were saving up for a Lotus ?? I've forgotten the name, and we met up again at the nautical college in South Shields, and yep you had the Lotus. Hope you are doing well, living in Kiwi??
When wife was onboard, she got her first swimming lesson from Johnnie Lochart on xmas day 1972, she still has the nightmares!!
Had some great times on these unique "T -Pee" tankers, everything got smaller the higher up the tower you went, thank christ I was on tank level!!,
I sailed on Bideford in 71/72. Trip to Kharg island. Last voyage of Captain Smith. Very weird trip. Russian CE Indian 2nd. I was 4th or 5th? Great mates with both the RO (from John O'Groats I recall) and the Electrician. Lost touch with both. Some very funny things happened on the voyage and the Captain and Mate both fell for the Fourth Engs wife which caused some trouble!
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