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Yamato Models

The Yamato is one of my favorite battleship. She was an awesome unit for her time. She put up a valiant fight but was uselessly sacrified.

As a model she is of course available in 1/350 with Tamiya and Trumpeter

In 1/200 (1,30M) she is made by Nichimo as a complete plastic kit

in 1/96 ( 2,7m) she is availabe as semi kits (Hull + running gear + fitting and maybe some decks + superstructure + turrets) from scaleshipyard in the US and fleetscale in UK. need to count a basic budget of 1500 USD.

Should I go to Japan one day, I would dream to go to Kure and see her. regretfully, this model seems to be static. would have been a powerful sight on the water.
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