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Originally Posted by James A Stuart View Post
Hi Jeff, Just discovered this web site and was astounded to see myself in a bosun's chair applying white lead and tallow to the mast stays/shrouds. My name is Tony Stuart, I was a 19 year old EDH at the time and had no idea we were being filmed (for posterity)

We left Liverpool on the 19/2/68 first stop El Ferrel then La Corruna in Northern Spain. Next stop Las Palmas for Bunkers then non stop to Recife. I remember we went down as far as Porto Alegre then back up the coast again.(Ports;- Rio Grande Do Sul, San Francisco Do Sul, Maceo, Santos, Rio and maybe others. Dublin was on the return leg of the voyage for a day or two, then paid off in Liverpool 21/5/68. Master was W. Williams. I dont remember any other names but recognise the Donkeyman poseur as though it were yesterday.
Best wishes James A Stuart (Tony)
Amazing what can happen, there you are browsing the internet and suddenly there is some film of you forty odd years ago!
I had just got the camera and cine and couldn't snapping and filming!
Certainly was a good run and time and a happy ship to boot. As many others say on this site, I can't believe they paid us for going! Not that we had much left after all those ports.
I certainly remember you Tony, and most of the young deck crowd as well, also remember the Donkeyman clearly, he was a larger than life Scouser.
I bet you are boring everybody to death now showing them the film and photographs!
P.S. Have sent you a PM.
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