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Originally Posted by John Callon View Post
Hi Anne,

In response to your reply, no it was not common practice for crew members to fraternise with the passengers - in fact it was forbidden. By crew members I am referring to the ratings i.e. Cooks, Stewards, Sailors etc. Officers were allowed to mix with passengers so it was possible for them to form a liaison with female passengers. As to anybody being conceived in the ships laundry, this would not be possible as have you have rightly said, it was running 24 hours a day and also was deep in the bowels of the ship well away from passenger accommodation. I am afraid I can not help you with the accident with the deckchair. A lot of things happened on a daily basis on those Liners and some events you never heard about. There are some avenues you could explorer like what was your Mum's maiden name at the time. If you wish, send me a private email through this site and maybe I could help you some more.
hi john, just viewed records of 'the journey' at greenwich maritime museum. thought you might like to know of a few log entries about you, some of them are hilarious, but yours were fairly tame! the log about you was not the journey that i was concieved on, it was the journey before that. 4-2-65 this day the following crew members who failed to rejoin this vessel prior to its departure from adelaide were interviewed by the chief officer and none of them had a legitimate excuse. j callon, p fountain, r smith, a swatkins. they were therefore dealt with as follows- j callon fined one days pay and forfeits one days pay and half of a day etc etc! a very interesting read, a passenger died on 16th apr 1965 at 8.30 am and was 'committed to the deep' at 6.30 pm the same day! it sounds as though everyone was drunk throughout the journey! 1 question, the log states that the ship stopped for 1 day in naples, were passengers generally allowed off board on these stops? hope you find this interesting, some of the stories are too rude to repeat! anne
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