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Originally Posted by Sandy Galbraith View Post
Goodness! This is a blast from the past. I was deck officer for a couple of trips on the Castleton, a relief on the Cadogan (Teeside/Flotta and Norway) and an epic four month trip on the Carnegie from the Bahamas to Brunei Bay where all we carried was ballast water. Happy days!

Hi Sandy, I am chuffed to see this site, I think I have a photo of you still! I was the galley rat (catering boy) on the Castleton, in 1977 and 1979, did the Cadwallader also. Just noticed Roland had died from another member. he was as goog as gold to me, and he managed to flog his record and tape player which was in a briefcase to me for fifty quid? . Names you may remember: Bernie woolgar, Arfur watts, Dai davies, ray Gardner (second cook) In fact there are many more.
Great site.
Gary Trabert

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