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Originally Posted by Graham Wallace View Post
Alan, are you sure of that? How about 1979?

Mokran (LEFO) May 1979 CE Mike Herring, you 3E. June12th 1979 same ship, 3E now MFD Gordon Saker .

Norman Searles is a whole different ballgame !

BTW 1983 ships movements for Mokran...Trading gulf Area. Only crew listings are Iranian Deck and Engineering Cadets. Minab and Marun the same, quite odd!

PS. You going to send me some seatime info?, then we can really get down to work. Does wonders for the memory

OK OK memory shot!! It was 1979 with Mike Herring as CE a real nice bloke. Dry docked in Amsterdam and there I paid off heinekeined out!

Yes, Norman is a different story and I see from the latest Flag still at sea! As CE a very good engineer. Since I have left the once happy house in kent! I have lost touch with him.

Graham, what sea time do you want from me? The vessels I sailed on and when. If so, it will be guesstimation as my discharge book probably went on a bonfire in the garden following my departure.

Please let me know.
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