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Water entered the hatch in the severe storm after the hatch was forced off by the sea. I sailed on the Furness Bridge in 1974. The sea forced the hatch open and filled the foscle in a bad storm. Obviously this was a fault on all six of the ships built to this design. The Kowloon Bridge was the other sister ship to sink off Southern Ireland. The ships were a real nightmare. Cracks in the pumproom and rocker springs were always falling off.
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The latest version of the loss was down to a defective
design of the focsle hatch.Apparently it was customary to secure the hatch with extra lashings as it was known to spring open in any weather. Unfortunately the lost crew were not aware of this defect and this started a chain reaction of events once water started entering the focsle.The discontinuation of the longitudinals was considered not a cause of the loss I believe. I think all the sister ships cracked here and one was lost through it.
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