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Originally Posted by The Captain View Post
G'day Pete, It's funny how a person can remember all the ports of your first trip to sea. We joined the Laurel in Billingham in March '65 discharging some kind of sulphate then off round Europe, London and completing in Genoa. I think you joined in London when the Irish 3rd Mate went crazy when he found out that 2 year articles really meant that with Bank Line. Then we were off for exotic ports of the tropics via the Suez Canal and Aden, for bunkers. The first stop was at Thursday Island to pick up the Torres Strait pilot, this was very exciting fir a 17 year old who a couple of years before had read the book "A Passage of Islands" then it was on down your list of ports but instead of Nauru we went to Townsville, Mackay, Brisbane and Newcastle to complete discharging by the middle or end of July. The rest of the world called us for the next 10 or 11 months making my first sea voyage so 15 months long - the longest I had been away from my home.
I have one question Pete, you mention "Sukarnapura" which was just over the boarder in West Irian but that was a new name for an old port and I believe that original name may have been restored, WHAT was the original name of Sukarnapura - the name that appeared on the cargo plans? Just as another query, you mentioned Port Vila but I am sure that this wasn't the original name of this port - was it called something else in 1965. You missed out Kieta on Bougainville from your list of ports for the South Pacific run.

Pete do you know what happened to the 2nd Mate, John East, I never heard about him after that trip he was promoted to Mate after the little problem in Chalna.

John S
Sukarnapura used to be called Dajapura and is now just Jayapura. the province itself went through a variety of names too - Irian Jaya, Irian Barat and is now West Papua, presumably to reinforce the link beween Papuans on either side of the border.
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