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Originally Posted by baileysan View Post
Did a spell with Chapmans as 2/E(for reasons quite complicated) in the late 60's coasted a couple and then sailed on the Brighton for 6 months. Doxford economy, C/E went off me as I had ticket which meant he lost x number of pounds per months for not sailing with dispensation 2/E. Quite avoyage however I had worse food on many a so called quality company vessel.I did meet up with a Superintendent called Mr Coates, a real gentleman and true engineer and he gave me advice which I was never to regret. I was fortunate to meet up with him again in later life. Chapmans , put it down to life's experiances.
I never realised that a C/E would get more money in the circumstances but I suppose it makes sense.
Was there much difference between a dispensation 2/E and a Certificated one?
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