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Originally Posted by P.Arnold View Post
Rather late in making the effort. Trawling through threads before I joined SN, with nothing else to do, but don’t tell the wife.

It may have been Chris Walmsley from the Wirral, he was also very good at drawing with chalks. I didn’t know about the rain drops but do recall his mentioning university.

I was relieving ECO on all four GTVs and was on the Eurofreighter for the duration of the 76 drydocking in Falmouth and the BFO system.

I remember Ronnie Keir, Rab Fraser and Gerry Morrison. I also recall several T shirts emblazoned with a big red tongue with the statement
“BFO Sucks”

Being 1976 (the so called last hot summer) the Mr Whippy ice cream van was parked on the road up to the castle. We were one of the star attractions in Falmouth at the time.

The Railway pub outside the dock gate saw us on several occasions.

As they say, you could write a book.


Stuart Bearne 2nd Mate, Euroliner, about Sept 1972. I remember he had done a degree or similar.

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