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Originally Posted by Pat Kennedy View Post
Maybe that is part of the reason but my own view is that many members became disenchanted with the new, seemingly disinterested, ownership of this site, followed by lots of Korean spam which seemed to go unchecked for a long time. Then there was the problems with the gallery, disappearing photos etc, and the schism which saw a lot of frequent posters move over to the Ships History site.
I still like SN, and look in every day, but I must admit to getting bored with some of the input these days.
I suppose it is up to us to start new and hopefully, interesting threads.
I've got to agree with you Pat.
This site has become pretty boring and no-one in admin appears to be driving it.
Although I still look in almost every day, it definitely doesn't have the input it used to have. I'm getting much more out of the Blue Funnel Facebook page currently than I'm getting out of this site.
Maybe we should invite Bill Davies back as he was always good for a laugh.
Oops!! that may be a little too controversial.
Regards Phil
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