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Originally Posted by Phil Saul View Post
I've got to agree with you Pat.
This site has become pretty boring and no-one in admin appears to be driving it.
Although I still look in almost every day, it definitely doesn't have the input it used to have. I'm getting much more out of the Blue Funnel Facebook page currently than I'm getting out of this site.
Maybe we should invite Bill Davies back as he was always good for a laugh.
Oops!! that may be a little too controversial.
Regards Phil
Phil, I guess many members dont know who Bill Davies is, or dont recall his alleged misdemeanors. Some believe that he still lurks under one of his many pseudonyms, but I dont believe he would waste his time.
Although I never met Bill I have spoken to one or two ex Blue Flue crew who sailed with him, and by all accounts he was a good seaman and genuine bloke. However, he apparently did not suffer fools gladly and always wanted to have the last word. Hence, I suppose, his habit of using sock puppets to bolster his arguments on here.

Meanwhile, it may be of interest to you to learn that Odyssey Works is now almost completely demolished, little now remains of Holt's mighty empire in Birkenhead, and the only ships to be seen in the port are 2 laid up RFAs and the odd coaster discharging steel products at the Clan sheds.
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