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Originally Posted by Samsette View Post
KS was a strong poster as was Seamen38 so, what has become of them.
Alas to the disappointment of a few (or possibly many) I can confirm that Seaman38 is still alive and well having just returned yesterday from a months dancing in Tenerife. I had advised that I was going to be absent. When I am away I never look at a computer and my telephone works on steam, if there is anything important happening in my personal life it will appear on my wife's gadgets. Vacation time is for relaxing, reading, talking to people and in our case dancing.

I am surprised to learn from a member that I was never listed as a member.

For Laker Captain,(and others) keep writing your about your memories and experiences. When at sea and ashore in the marine industry we considered our lives normal and accepted the dangers of our profession, such as hurricanes, cyclones, anti cyclones, Malacca Straits pirates, collisions, onboard fires and many more incidences as normal fare of our profession. When talking to people who say 'What did you do?' and you tell them some of your experiences, without embellishment, they find it interesting, as one Banker said to me, 'I thought my job was interesting, now I realise it was boring' he was not alone in those comments throughout the years.

I would say to anyone who writes for their own satisfaction to keep their passion alive and hope that their grand children may one day read them, contact your local University Librarian (or the one near where you spent your childhood) as your jottings are all part of history. My own ramblings about what I could recall from age 5 to 27 (120,000 words) are lodged with Hull University, it is not necessary to have been to University, my own formal education virtually finished at the age of 13. However I have always been an avid reader

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