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Stormont sinking.

Originally Posted by Samsette View Post
The cattle boat Stormont and the Donaldson liner Letitia were in collision, sometime in winter 1946-47, off Seacombe I think. Cattle carcasses were washed ashore as far as Formby Point. The war brides headed for Canada had their voyage cut short, as Letitia had to be dry docked for repair. Stormont was not so lucky.

Some members may remember Letitia in her later lives as Empire Brent and Captain Cook. She had a poor reputation among the "uncertificated" - or should that be uncertified.

I worked with someone from Waterloo who remembered the Stormont sinking and going on to Crosby beach at night ( with a lot of others ) in search of washed up cattle and butchering one. He took a hind leg home and put it in the bath. Meat was still a luxury after the war.
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