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Many thanks, Ian

I had not realised that Tacoma City and Ullapool were both wrecked on the same date.

As to Tacoma City, her wreck lay in the South River, approximately between Bromborough and Brunswick Dock. The wreck was removed (I think) at some point in the early 1970s to facilitate the installation of Dingle Tanker Mooring Buoys, although some of the wreck might still be there, as far as I know.

It is interesting to hear that she suffered the attack when in Formby Channel. If that is right, she did well to make good another fourteen miles or so before she sank.

Another wreck frequently mentioned is Henderson's PEGU, which suffered a steering failure when outward bound and ran onto the revetment wall on the North side of Crosby Bend. I do not know the exact date of her wreck but understand that it was early in WWII. Not only her hull and masts were plainly visible (and still probably are, I'd guess) but also much of her rigging was still flying in the breeze thirty years and more later. If I remember correctly, the rigging has now disappeared.
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