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There has been a thread about best or favorite port but what subject it was under I can't recall.

You can break the best port down by what you liked there and when you were there. Brisbane for gigantic steak meals and giant prawns; Bangkok for the more salacious activites, although Kaoshiung comes just as near but slightly more upmarket, Hamburg for some excellent cultural activites and the best curry wurst in Germany, Singapore in the 1960s for the sheer buzz of being there - very different from when I lived there as a child, Durban for the best lobster thermidor anywhere, Port Swettenham in the 1960s for the unforgettable 'jungle bar' which had absolutely no charm or hygiene whatsoever but some great times and Bugo for the only bed-for-a-night beach near the ship where after a skinful of San Miguel one could sleep it off and get called from someone leaning over the fo'csle for turn-to the next morning. Happy Days.

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